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Flasher relay (digital) 12V, 3 connectors, max 15A Flasher relay (digital) 12V, 3 connectors, max 15A
Koso 3-pin flasher relay 12 V, 1 W - 80 WUniversal flasher relay which can be used for LED turn signals or a combination of standard and LED turn signals. Includes defect detection, i.e. when an indicator light drops out the, flashing...
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Indicator relay KOSO Digital - for synchronisation of indicators with LED and bulbs Indicator relay KOSO Digital - for...
Universal relay usuable for LED-indicators or for a combination of Standard- and LED-indicators. With defect detection, this means that if there is a defect, the frequency of the intact indicator will rise. Properties: voltage: 12 V load...
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Indicator relais KOSO Digital only for LED indicators Indicator relais KOSO Digital only for LED...
LED Flasher Relay Changing your indicator lights for LED ones? Once you replace your regular bulbs by LED indicator lights, the resistance is very small compare to the original flashers. Therefore, the bike couldn’t identify whether the...
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Mini Flasher relay (digital) 12V Mini Flasher relay (digital) 12V
Maximum Volt: 16VMinimum Volt: 8VMaximum Ampere: 2AMinimum Ampere: 0,65 ADiameter: 1cm Length: 2,2 cm
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