DB-01RN Speedometer with Tachometer TÜV-approved

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  • BA041000
Koso DB-01RN  With this meter we successfully developped our very successful DB-01R and... more
Product information "DB-01RN Speedometer with Tachometer TÜV-approved"
Koso DB-01RN 

With this meter we successfully developped our very successful DB-01R and DB-01R+. The modern shape and bright display allows you to read all the information perfectly. It looks nicer, it looks sharper, it looks more modern and it gives you all the basic information you were used to from your DB-01R or DB-01R+, as well as many more. It is still perfect for Off-Road use and is a great fit for all types of motorcycles and ATV's. It is very simple and slim, designed as a bar tachometer with E-mark homologation! This is newest and most modern member of our DB-Series. With this meter, dirt will be even more sporty and unbridled fun! 

Display range: 0-360 km/h (0-225 MPH) 

Display range: 00000,0 - 99999,9 km (mile) 
reset automatically after 99999,9 km (mile) 

Trip meter A/B
Display range: 000,0 - 999,9 km(mile) 
reset automatically after 999,9 km (mile) 

Top speed record
Display range: 30 - 360 km/h (19-225 MPH) 

Tire circumference
Setting range: 300-2500mm 
Sensor points: 1-20 

Piston position
Setting range: 0,5, 1, 2,...-25 

Average speed record
Recording range: 0-360 km/h (0-225 MPH) 

Display range: 0-15000 RPM 
Display unit: 10 RPM 

Stage tachometer
Display range: 0-10000 RPM / 0-12000 RPM / 0-15000 RPM 

Wave shape
Setting range: lo-Act / Hi-Act 

Fuel level
Setting range: 100 Ohm, 250 Ohm, 270 Ohm, 510 Ohm, 1200 Ohm, Switch off and User setting 

Fuel level stage
Setting range: 10 stage 
display Warning range: Fuel level warning stage below (including) setting value, fuel level symbol will flash 

Low fuel warning
Setting range: 10 - 50%, when lower than (including) setting value, fuel level symbol will flash Motor 

Oil maintenance mileage
Display range: Metric or Imperial unit: 500 (-8000, user adjustable) - 999km, automatic decrease according to the increase of total mileage 

Total engine operating time
Display range: 0,0 - 99999,9h 
Display unit: 0,1h 

Engine operating time A/B
Display range: 0,0 - 9999,9h 
Display unit: 0,1h 

Clock (format)
Setting range: 12h format / 24h format 

Clock (hours)
Setting range: 0:00 - 23:59 (24h format) / 1:00 - 12:59 (AM/PM) (12h format) 

Voltmeter Setting range: DC 8,0V - 16,0V 
Display unit: 1 minute 

Standard JIS 

External total mileage
Setting range: 00000 - 99999 
Setting unit: 1km (mile) 

Backlight color
Display range: white / 5 levels of brightness adjustable

Please note: The meter will be delivered with an active speed sensor, so the installation of magnets is not necessary.
Produkt- Information: "DB-01RN Speedometer with Tachometer TÜV-approved"
- DB01R+
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