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Koso HD-02 Set fuer Harley Davidson Koso HD-02 kit for Harley Davidson (6-meter kit)
Our R&D department worked very hard to create something new and modern for Harleys. The engineers finally came up with a complete plug & play solution to replace the stock meters. No need to drill holes or to rewire the meters, they will...
€1,279.49 *
Koso HD-03 Set fuer Harley Davidson (bestehend aus 4 Instrumenten) Koso HD-03 kit for Harley Davidson (4-meter kit)
HD-03 meters for Harley-Davidson ® Following the great reviews we received from Harley enthusiasts, we have decided to release the updated Baggers meter kit for touring models 2014 and up. This plug & play kit from Koso is now available...
€949.50 *